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Remember IFing combined with low-carbing is very effective for weight loss, but the thing I like most is the incredible freedom from hunger and eating all day long, with the constant insulin spikes and energy highs and lows. I have more constant energy this way and I am losing weight. Bonus! It's great that this form of caloric restriction reduces inflammation (CRP levels). Caloric restriction is supposed to help with longevity. I'm not sure how true that is, but it is interesting to note.

IFing is not difficult once one gets into the groove. My blood sugar levels are much more stable now than before. One would think the opposite would be true.

I believe low-carbing is a very healthy way to eat if one can do it correctly. If one is constantly cheating though and combining a high fat diet with a high amount of junk carbs, then that is no different to the way many people eat, and I don't believe that is healthy. Moderate carbs (good carbs!) is okay though, in my opinion, and should be fine for most healthy people.