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Another Smiley Update:  We nearly lost Smiley about a week ago.  Those rope bones from China!  He swallowed the end bit whole.  I was too late to stop him!  He managed almost two weeks later to bring it up - all the way from the intestines.  Ugh.  Anyway that partial obstruction left him with a massive intestinal infection.  I thought he was going to die.  Sadly, Smiley thought so too and went to hide.  Fortunately the vet was open that Sunday when Smiley became so violently ill.  I kept praying so hard for his recovery but I was still an emotional mess. The nice vet spoke English which was a relief.  Spanish is the first language here. Smiley was immediately put on IV for hydration and antibiotics.  By the evening he was almost himself again and a couple of days later, he was right as rain and better than before!  It's amazing how little dogs bounce back.  I went through a hell as little Smiley has crept into my heart and gives so much joy and love.  I remember breaking down in the mall and crying, not caring who saw me, and a sweet, good Samaritan woman stopped to inquire if I was going to be alright.

The moral of the story:  Unless it is a very tight weave rope bone (i.e. something your dog can't easily make inroads on), don't let him have it - and keep an eye on him whenever he chews on it (great for keeping the teeth clean and breath smelling nice) as it is those end bits (like a little ball), that can cause an intestinal obstruction.

A Smiley Update.

The above photo is an actual photo taken this morning of Smiley on the enclosed veranda. Smiley is such a love sponge. He surprised me this morning. I made a little bed for him next to mine and this morning at 5:30 am, he wanted on the bed. So, reluctantly (thinking about fleas), I let him up and he cuddled for the best part of an hour. Then later when we were having tea, he wanted on my lap and sat there chewing on his rope bone.

The photo below is almost an exact image of Smiley. Just yesterday we were wondering what breed he is. He looked a bit like a miniature lab to us (from internet photos) but not as broad in the face or body and his legs are shorter. This morning in the early hours of the morning the words, Dachshund/Labrador mix came into my mind. Bear in mind I only have a vague image of how a Labrador looks and no idea what a Dachshund looks like other than it is a small dog. I googled the Dachshund/Labrador mix later the same day and found this photo that matches Smiley first thing. This sure is confirmation to me that Smiley was meant to be a part of our family (Could it be a God thing or could it be Happy had something to do with this? I don't know but it sure is a bit more than a coincidence, at least in my mind.) Wink.

Update: In hindsight, I think Smiley is a Dachshund/Jack Russell Terrier mix. The Dachshund/Labrador mixes usually have the face of a lab - Smiley does not. His face looks more like a Jack Russell Terrier mixed with Dachshund.

Here is another photo I found on the internet (ironically a Dachshund/Jack Russell Terrier mix - so maybe I was wrong? The lady adopted this one which was a stray. Did she name him correctly. I'm thinking maybe so.) I sure hope someone can identify our dog's breed. I will post an actual photo of Smiley soon. Smiley's face looks more like the one in this photo.  Although he has thicker, longer hair and he is always shedding!  Hey, I would rather deal with the hair and also have little Smiley by our side.  What a little sweetie he has turned out to be.  It's almost as if he is grateful.  He is so affectionate.   He follows me from room to room all day long.  He is terrified of thunderstorms and unfortunately they come very often.  He comes and hides under my desk or in the pantry (walk-in pantry).  When have to go somewhere he gets extremely anxious and excited (abandonment issues?) and when we open the door, he is out the door like a bullet and runs to the car and if the door is not open, he frantically runs all around the vehicle looking for an open door.

Just thought I'd throw in an extra post this month, for those who were sympathetic and understood our pain in losing our beloved Shiba Inu, Happy. It was and even now 2 1/2 months later is still difficult. However, here is a note, I wrote yesterday to my best email buddy, Jan Ballas, of many years. Bear in mind Ian practically swore on the day Happy died that he never wanted another dog ever again!

Yesterday morning early Ian and I were having our tea date as per usual outside and watching the birds and monkeys eat bananas, when a lady drove by in her 4 x 4. Ian said that she looked like the Canadian lady who has two daughters. I had not met her yet. They live on a island off Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Anyway Ian and the boys had met them, but not the husband. We went to stand in the driveway to catch her as she came down the hill again, but instead she parked at the top and walked down with a little, blond dog. I saw her, a pretty lady of close to 60 years, but my eyes immediately went to the dog. I asked her what breed it was and she said she had no idea as he had just parked himself on their doorstep about a month ago. Since then they had taken Hobo (the name they gave him - like in the movie, the littlest hobo) to the vet to get all his shots, etc. and found out he was healthy and about 5 years old. Turns out no one at the office knows that anyone is looking for this dog, so Connie was starting to look for a home for him. It wasn't practical to keep him although her husband, Dave, and the young daughters (26 and 29) wanted to keep him and take him back to Canada. However, Connie does not want any dogs at the moment. Anyway, we offered her some tea and we sat outside. I bonded with Hobo (we renamed him Smiley - you know, Happy and then Smiley) and when she left, I was an emotional wreck and wanted the dog right away. Ian thought it was so strange how it all happened and just instinctively ran out and told her that we would take him, even if there is a small risk that the previous owners come back for him. However, it seems the owners abandoned him hoping that someone would take him in. He is such a clever little dog and even car smart! He looks a bit like a miniature lab, but less broad in every way, shorter and smaller. Quite cute, with an over-sized head for his body! Obviously, he is a mix of some sort, though I know not what.

So yesterday we went into the city. I cleaned the apartment and Ian picked up our sons who had been at Crossroads Bible Church Camp at the beach - about 100 youngsters went. They had fun. At the time, we didn't say anything about Smiley and this morning we had tea with Connie and Dave and then brought Smiley home. The boys loved him too. He is very affectionate but still a little overwhelmed. He is adapting fast as he got only the nicest people food at the barbecue we had and plenty of love and attention.

Anyway, I'm typing to you and he is lying happily asleep at my side. I know I will love this little Smiley. He won't replace Happy but he'll go a long way to healing my broken heart. So Ian says, "Oh well, here we go again - Smiley handcuffs!" Oh dear, but I think he will be okay left for part of a day."

That was my letter to Jan, with one or two minor injections.

Basically, we are adopting an orphan, and since in later life I too became an orphan, it seems fitting to show compassion and to love this little one for who he is. Smiley is not unlike Happy in coloring, a little smaller, but with a personality that is all his own. Even so, I find myself startled at times looking at him sleeping and feeling a little tearful remembering Happy, because of the resemblances. However, I think Happy is looking down from heaven and smiling. It seems like Smiley is meant to be a part of our family too. Since we don't know his age - only roughly 10 years from his teeth health apparently - we made his birthday yesterday (January 11th). He had a wonderful day, but today I'm having to take him outside often as he has an upset tummy. I think we overdid it! Live and learn!

Hope this doggie tale brings a smile to other dog lovers out there. I think you will relate to my joy.

Update:  Smiley definitely has Jack Russell in him, maybe Dachshund and maybe even something else.  Either way what a joy he is and what great company even when I am left alone in the house.  He is fiercely protective of me.  Smiley had a tummy bug from being on the lamb when he came to us, and Ian figured it out.  A short course of antibiotics and he has been fine ever since. :)  Smiley loves food, practically lives for food and unfortunately is a little more tubby these days and everyone it seems points it out to me (as if I can't see with me own eyes! lol).  I console myself that Happy was also a bit rotund and he lived to the ripe old age of 14 years and 2 months. I pray Smiley will make at least that and more but we will never know his true age.  To me he actually looks like he is 9 years old.

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