Time to Make New Year Resolutions?

I'm thinking specifically with regard to any of you getting on the scale recently and being unhappy with the number. It is a New Year and it is a popular practice to make new year resolutions. Some people think it is futile, because so many people make them and fail to see them through. Does that mean we should not make them?

I don't think so. I think like stars, dreams are necessary for navigation. If your dream is to reach your goal weight this year, then make that resolution and do everything in your power to stay the course, no matter what. In other words, dream about it every single day and picture yourself in your favorite jeans or looking like you did in the past in a favorite photograph of yourself. Going through life passively and not making goals is a recipe for living life at less than your actual potential.

Remember the old adage that has a great deal of wisdom? -

"Fail to plan, then plan to fail."

So, how about we all look to this new year (me included) to reaching our best possible weight for our age and health. How about it? For me, this includes low-carbing (probably not induction, but around 30 to 40 grams carbs a day) and intermittent fasting with a window for eating each day. Once or twice a week I may decrease that eating window, so that I'm fasting almost 24 hours (8 hours of that time is spent sleeping), if my weight loss is slow. So what is your plan for dieting? What is your strategy? Do you know your body and how you lose weight best? I suspect most everyone does know how to lose weight, but it is so much a mental thing too. The mind must buy into the desire fully and then a part of each day must be spent thinking and dreaming about successfully reaching goal. Picture yourself and think about it and plan, plan and readjust the plan if and when necessary. It doesn't hurt to do some form of exercise to keep the metabolism humming along when calories are fewer, and to keep the body looking toned (one can usually subtract up to 5 lbs for looking toned). Weights also are a good idea. Ladies, 10 lb hand held weights are great for toning. You won't look like a body builder.

So let's do this! Love to know if anyone else is joining me? I'm sure many will and will be successful this year. All the best!