Do you know your shape? How do you dress your particular shape?

As can be seen from the above photo, there are actually many more different body shapes than most people realize. Find the body shape at the site below that more closely describes your own.

Dress For Your Body Type This was so interesting. I am an apple shape I think, but I do have a waist, so does that make me an inverted triangle? lol My legs and hips don't change too much if I put on 10 lbs, but you can bet my chest will be bigger as well as my lower abdomen and I'll have some weight on my shoulders and arms too. I have had people tell me it's not so bad to have my shape, but secretly I think I would have preferred being a bit taller (2" would have been nice - I'm only 5' 3") and more willowy looking. Wishful thinking for this shorter, curvy girl, as that will be a frosty Friday in the tropics! We have to make the most of our own particular look. It's true I grew up wanting my sister's straight hair instead of wavy hair - rarely are we completely happy with our own set-up.

With age, comes more acceptance, believe it or not. We accept the things we cannot change and instead wisely decide to work with what we have. Today I like my hair with more body as I realize straight hair on me would be rather harsh at this age. Each woman should work towards her own ideal and her own personal beauty. Even if you're at a heavier weight than you would like at the moment, it is no reason to not hold your head high and recognize that you are a lovable person and a nice person for other reasons other than looks. Looks should only be the cherry on the top. We should seek an inner beauty first, and people will definitely see that, and find it more appealing than simply outer beauty.

Search on that site, and you may find a photo that resembles your own body. They are asking people to submit photos of themselves for their database: