How to Make Processed Sausages Less Salty

I can't stand really salty-tasting sausages, besides the fact that I often will put on undesired water weight. High sodium foods are not a good idea for anyone who has high blood pressure. Here is a way that fixes that.

I discovered by boiling the sausages and pouring off the water and boiling in new water if necessary, really reduces the saltiness in processed sausages, which are notoriously high in sodium. It's a matter of osmosis. The salt moves to the less salty medium, but as soon as an equilibrium is reached, no more salt will leave the sausages and go into the water. Then throw off the water and add new water to boil them again.

After that procedure, you can fry your sausages or use them in casseroles, stews, etc. as you normally would.

Simple solution!