Acne - Another Reason to Avoid Junk Food

Here is an interesting study.

There was a 50% reduction in acne in the youngsters eating less junk food, however, they were still eating bread and pasta.

It seems to indicate to me that a low-carb diet would be even better for people suffering from acne. I suffered from mild acne for about 15 years. As a young woman, it is awful to have this problem, let alone as a guy. I was almost always on tetracycline for my skin and I used cover-up sticks. It didn't help that I wore make-up though and that I loved regular desserts, white bread and the like. Ugh!

When I went low-carb at about the age of 35 my skin cleared and I've never had a problem since and I'm 53 now. In fact, I sometimes get compliments. Sure I get the occasional tiny spot or two, but that's really not such an issue. It's quite different when one wakes up to 10 new spots.

One of the worst offenders is regular, sugary, high fat ice cream, the other is high fructose corn syrup, and regular chocolate and even that Cremora stuff (remember it?) one used to put in one's coffee as a coffee whitener (horrible for the skin). The ice cream and chocolate is fine without the real sugar.

Sometimes genetics play a part in acne development (in my case), but I think a low-carb diet that eliminates junk food and high glycemic foods can go a long way to reducing the problem or even eliminating it.