My Blog is boring! At least that is what I think and so...

I'm thinking of being more real in front of my audience and at the same time helping my son, who is a new and talented author. He has now written two romance/mystery novels based on a true story. The second book is in the editing stages.

I love reading about other people's lives and I'm hoping my readers feel the same way. My life has been anything but easy at times. Tragedy, loss and grief have pulled me down for years at a time, but there is always hope. It is also a story about love, love lost, love found and a greater love story within the love story, which will become more apparent in the 4th novel.

Stay tuned. I'm going to speak to Jonathan and find a way to share the books chapter by chapter on my blog. I am not a gifted writer, nor do I have a witty sense of humor, nor do I have mass appeal, but what I do have is a son who has all those characteristics and more; let his writing entertain you and perhaps help others out there with similar "difficult" people in their lives.

This is what Jonathan says about his first novel:

The truth behind the fiction

"I can’t take credit for this story, since it’s older than I am. What you’re about to read is a compilation of events which actually happened, involving characters who, for the most part, are still alive today.

With only minor exceptions, I wrote everything as it was described to me by the people who were there to witness the events, and not as my imagination might have dictated. The result was a surprising mix of the laughter and tears and heart-wrenching scenes which so typify real life.

The more I researched and wrote, the more I realized that my imagination was almost superfluous to the process, which in this instance, I suppose, makes me more of a journalist than a novelist. That said, I didn’t go looking for this story. It was under my nose for a number of years before I actually saw it for what it was, and when I saw it, I realized that it had to be written down before it died with its characters. So read on, knowing that as you do, you’re turning through the pages of history."