Why are Wonder Breads, Sugary Cakes and Sodas bad for your heart?

My good friend, Judy Barnes Baker, author of Carb Wars told me about the Metabolism Society. It is an organization dedicated to educating physicians and others about the science of dietary influences on metabolism and they are very pro low-carbing for the treatment of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. I spent a little time on their site and found a very interesting article amongst many others - some great articles by Judy as well. She always researches everything so well and does such a good job. Do visit Judy's blog. She also blogged about the Metabolism Society and their free newsletter.

This excerpt basically says it all - after testing 56 healthy students at Tel Aviv University this was the conclusion:

The test uses a cuff on the arm, like those used to measure blood pressure, which can visualize arterial function in real time.

"Enormous peaks indicating arterial stress were found in the high glycemic index groups: the cornflakes and sugar group. "We knew high glycemic foods were bad for the heart. Now we have a mechanism that shows how," says Dr. Shechter. "Foods like cornflakes, white bread, french fries, and sweetened soda all put undue stress on our arteries. We've explained for the first time how high glycemic carbs can affect the progression of heart disease." During the consumption of foods high in sugar, there appears to be a temporary and sudden dysfunction in the endothelial walls of the arteries."

Laura Dolson did a good job of explaining what the Metabolism Society is all about: