The IF Life - Is it for you?

The IF Life Report by Mike O'Donnell who found out the secret to easy weight loss which if adhered to is a no brainer. You don't have to count anything and you can be more liberal with food choices. It is important that the eating window is long enough that one can have at least two meals and perhaps a snack otherwise calories would go much too low and that could backfire on one in the long term.

Eating less happens naturally when one has a long period of time without eating. Not only that, no insulin is produced (no fat is stored) during the non-eating hours and that is when the body has to dip into the fat stores to provide energy. Insulin is the fat storing hormone.

The typical rate of weight loss is l lb per week. That does not seem like much, but it quickly adds up over time. How much better is that than standing still or gaining or having to constantly think about food and weight loss. This way of life is very liberating and low-carbing fits well into it as well. In fact, low-carbing will make sure cravings don't hit during the non-eating hours.

Is this easy? Yes, it is once you get into the groove, however, it may be difficult to find the right schedule in the beginning, especially if you have a family to cook for and to feed. Chances are you need to create a schedule around that. It is complicated for me, because my family likes dinner late in the afternoon and I am a breakfast person these days. It's really difficult for me to skip breakfast and it even affects my mood, so I'm still trying to figure this out. I did it for a while and sure enough I lost 1 lb a week - great! Then something happens and messes up the schedule - usually having to cook outside my eating window and then I cave, or visiting friends' houses for dinner. Sooo, I have to learn to skip breakfast in order to do this. A cup of tea or two does help to tide one over. Apparently, one can change the window to suit one's day - i.e. IFing is flexible. Still if one's window is already closed then that is a problem.

Even although skipping breakfast goes against every nutritionist's advice out there, I would still lose weight when I did IF with a window from about 11 am to 5 pm (6 hour window -18 hours of fasting). I sometimes used to throw in an almost 24 hour period of not eating and that made doubly sure that I lost the 1 lb. I have a thyroid autoimmune problem, so most people won't have my difficulty in losing weight.

Just as a matter of interest, I was not always a breakfast person. When I was in my twenties and a working girl, I always gave breakfast a skip due to time constraints and wanting more mirror time (I was more than a little insecure about my looks at that time, plus I battled a bit of acne - which incidentally never ever came back after going low-carb). I was thin - really quite slender (narrow hips and slender legs with a small waist), but still had breasts (always had those). I ate a small sesame seed and honey snack candy thingie that I bought regularly at lunch time and walked around the downtown of the city of Cape Town. Supper time I ate a big meal and by that time I was usually starving. I drank sugar coke (sugar not high fructose corn syrup was used in coke in South Africa) and often had things like spaghetti or lasagna and bread and butter and jam. So, really not a healthy diet by low-carb standards, but I was skinny and healthy and young. However, it is kind of strange to look back and realize that I was actually doing the IF life without ever knowing it and it allowed me to keep my best figure ever! Interesting!

Listen to people who have successfully incorporated the IF Life. It's very motivating: People talking about IF