Africa's Snow White [Video 5] The Painting "Ian's little Mermaid"

[ The story of how the painting "Ian's little Mermaids" was made]

🔎Ian's Little Mermaid How it was made (Video 5)
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REVIEW: Here is part of the review by the most senior South African ambassador in the world: “A delightful read. It evoked in me memories of my own teenage years, growing up in Cape Town ... I look forward to reading Jonathan’s sequel to this book, as I am sure there will be one.” —Ambassador Leslie Manley, Ambassador from South Africa to Panamá, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Perú

Anyway, I needed to share that Jonathan has written this book so beautifully, even although he admits it was difficult for him and that it is not his preferred genre. It is a story that needs to be told, and in a way it is a real-life example of God's justice playing out - that my mother's grandson, whom she never knew, whom she disowned along with me many years ago, should be the one to tell the story. I hope many people will be helped by reading our story and seeing how it all turned out and why it turned out favorably for my family in the end. If anyone is dealing with a malignant narcissist in their family - this is a good present for that person, but it is also a very human story - an ultimately triumphant love story (forced to endure much pain and sorrow)unfolds within a far greater love story. The front cover of the book is a painting of me at 15 (little did I know what lay ahead in the next 40 years) and ... well, no point in divulging "his" identity as that's a crucial part of the story. So my lips are sealed except to say that decades later I am still chauffeur-driven on dates in a classic embassy Mercedes limo flying a certain country's flag mounted on the front RHS fender, in a land "far far away". (wink) Yes, I know - I was a brunette at that age, but I was golden blonde as a young girl and then again later as an adult and somewhere along the line I acquired a set of emerald green contacts and ditched them again - other than that, at 53, I have changed nothing about myself, no surgery ... just Low-Carbing.