Glucomannan - More than a Thickening Agent

Some people use the dietary fiber product for weight loss - about 1 gram before each major meal - i.e. up to 3 grams a day. Incidentally, that is waaay too much for me! This product should never be taken in capsule form as it could get stuck in the throat and swell (if you have the capsules - open them up and use in food preparation). Also never have too much of this product as it could cause bowel obstruction. It has been banned in Australia - maybe for a reason?

At any rate this product can be used to thicken smoothies, puddings, cream, etc., however, it also has the tendency to produce a gummy mouth feel if too much is used.

The way it works according to my little brain is that it lowers blood sugar, as well as taking it before meals (about an hour before with plenty of water) creates a feeling of fullness and one eats a lot less. That is it in a nutshell - lower blood sugar, lower insulin and, therefore, lower fat storage. Insulin is the fat storing hormone. That is one of the reasons why low-carbing works - lowers insulin output. Since the product lowers blood sugar, people with diabetes need to be very aware of this, however, it could be a useful tool for diabetes 2. Don't ever do something like this without the advice of your doctor. To my mind, this product could do something similar to Metformin (without all the side effects) for people wanting to lose weight and who do not necessarily have diabetes.

It can be added in tiny amounts, like one capsule, to cake, muffin and loaf batters to add moisture and softness.

Here is a link to read up a bit more about it.