Africa's Snow White: Runaway Bride? a True Story, mine (x7)

Love, Euphoria, Shock, Rejection,
Sadness, Depression, Capitulation,
Captivity, Escape, Victory, Retreat
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🔎 Love, Euphoria, Shock, Rejection - Introduction (Part-1)

🔎 Sadness, Depression, Capitulation - a broken spirit (Part-2)

🔎 Can one imagine a rejection plot crueler than this? (Part-3)
I had to shorten this video, to blunt it's ability to cause pain
as it was and still is that traumatic! It was a major betrayal.

🔎 Captivity and the Great Escape (Part-4)

🔎Victory - the Wedding (Part-5)

🔎 Euphoria - The Danger's over, our love's safe ...isn't it? (Part-6)

🔎 Retreat! Run away to love another day - our lives on the run (Part-7)

🔎 Reflecting ... If only we knew what we were up against? (Part-8)

🔎 Is Rejection/Punishment more effective than Love/Sacrifice? (Part-9)

🔎It's all about Loyalty, Love & Faith even in the bleakest times (Part-10)

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