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[ 1975: Jen's a entering 2nd year at UCT, Ian's still stuck far away in the SAAF ]

🔎Introduction: Runaway Bride Teaser 1:Short (3m) or watch 
2:eXtended Intro (7m) That Video's Below this one **Best Choice**
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🔎Background: Runaway Bride 1:Short (3m) or 2:eXtended video (8m) Below it *Best Choice*

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🔎Runaway Brides in only 4 Generations of my family
My Paternal Great-Granny, Two Great-Aunts, Mother, Me and my Sister ... all 6 of us were Runaway Brides!
Part1a-Above [Great Granny & Grandpa Rose French & Rev Gathercole] Part1b -Below [Great Aunt Maude]

**** Also Watch the BACKGROUND to a Runaway Bride  (Video below this) ****
🔎Background to ... Runaway Bride