So should you take Iodine for your Thyroid Health? Surprising Answer.

I remember reading a year or more ago that Dr. Mary Dan Eades takes iodine for thyroid health. I thought to myself: "I should do that too." Thing is I've always had a more or less low sodium diet. I'm very sensitive to super salty tasting food - I don't like it! Anyway, so I was thinking brother I probably did myself in through the years by not getting enough iodine. Let's face it though this is ridiculous thinking as Hashimoto's thyroiditis is not caused by a lack of iodine, but anyway....probably more likely by the tremendous stress and grief I went through for years when my mother disowned me and when I finally realized that she was the worst enemy that I could have dreamed up in my worst nightmares and that is the absolute honest truth! She literally broke my heart. See I loved my mother (at one point more than God - stupid me!) and my dad (incredibly) and my younger sister and would have liked nothing more than to have had the happily ever after story but it was not meant to be. I was robbed! Some justice though in my sweet, young son, Jonathan, writing our story; this is the very same grandson my mother rejected as well. It is not being written in a vengeful way but is a series of novels based on the true story - so some of it will be fiction - hopefully, it will help other people with similar life scripts. Believe me, I'm not the only one in the world to go through something like this.

Anyway, how on earth did I get so sidetracked? LOL

Turns out IODINE can be a problem if taken in excess. It can cause hyperthyroidism. In 1995 the Chinese government decided to add iodine to table salt and now years later thyroid problems are on the increase in China. Now they say hypothroidism occurs in 1 in 15 people in China; surely that can't be linked to the increased iodine intake? Anyway maybe they are eating the soy processed in America? Now soy is known to cause hypothyroidism. I avoid it like the plague.

Here is an article about this.