Top 20 Low-Carb Heroes!

Thought I'd share: Top 20 Low-Carb Heroes

Dar of Dar Dreams put together a list of her Top 20 Low-Carb Heroes. I'm thrilled and feel honored to be one of them. I'm in very good company in that list and I'm very grateful to be included. Thanks, Dar! Dar tirelessly keeps inspiring people with diabetes to stay the course on a very low-carb diet to control blood sugar. She is one of the most disciplined people I know. She has also had her fair share of other challenges in life and she is also another Snow White who can relate to my life script.

I just found Dar's e-how articles and step by step instructions for making recipes. Really impressive! Dar Dream's E-How Articles She has tons of other links with lovely looking recipes - check it out on that same link to the Top 20 Low-Carb Heroes! Well done, Dar! You've been really busy!

Dar wrote in comments, but in case someone misses it, here is an excerpt that is important:

"For those who don't know who I am and/or have never visited any of my websites, "Who or What is DARdreams?" is a good place to start:"