Africa's Snow White [Videos 35,36,37,38] Dramatic turn of events!

[ 1997/98: Losing our newly acquired dream home ... through no fault of our own ]
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🔎Part-1: Story of why & when we ran away from this, our dream-home (VIDEO 35)
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🔎Part-2: Sheer Ruthlessness! Who was Harvey? How did his sad life impact us? (VIDEO 36)

🔎Part-3: The search for Harvey's 2 little girls, in their late 20's, long-since married, neither using their maiden names, making them difficult (almost impossible) to find, yields surprises (VIDEO 37)
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Part-4: A surprise visit, Death threat, Truth revealed, Jen's dad's salvation! (VIDEO 38)
**** Coming Soonish ... this was a very emotional time, and it's tough to relive ****

SNEAK-PEEK at the last day Jennifer ever got to see her dad. He was forbidden to see her and our family ever again, by "lady Macbeth", who really is no lady! He died 25 years later in July of 2020 (during COVID) His wife and her side-kick, Jen's sister, hid that information from Jennifer (out of spite) but 9m later, in Feb 2021, around his birthday, a cousin of Jen's gave her the bad news. However, of all the possible "last days" one can have with a parent, Jen had one of the very best! So her memories are Golden, despite her mother's worst attempts to tarnish them. That story (she was his favorite and vica-versa) is powerful, poignant, very touching! For the last 25y, every time Jen thinks of that day, she smiles through her tears. It brings tears to my eyes too. I just shake my head in disbelief.

If you look carefully, there's tears in their eyes - the video will explain.

The last day ever, with Grandpa. They're both in their mid-late 30's now
Posing together under Jen's "wedding portrait" ...
Imagining he was at her wedding and gave her away

The next morning, just before he left ...
The last photo. In 25y, there never was another.

Part-5: Trying to make some sense of it all (VIDEO 39) 
**** Coming Soon ****