Africa's Snow White [Videos 28+29] Reminiscing 50 years later

[ 1979: Finally Elizabeth escapes her captivity in Canada, returning to Ian ]

๐Ÿ”ŽV1: Baby Jennifer, the Bride, Cheerleader,  Mermaid + the Bride's 
Conclusion (Video 28)
There's a lot more in this updated video now! Watch till the end, as it explains how it ended
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๐Ÿ”ŽV2: Happy 43rd Anniversary Jen! But in reality it's our 50th anniversary (Video 30)

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43y ago, in a land far, far away, 2h before the wedding

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Here's a description of soulmate (one of countless many) that resonated with our own experience: Finding your soulmate is a once in a lifetime experience. You only get one, but you may meet other compatible people. Some dispute this, but for us personally, we've never met another. Just as well! That would be cataclysmic, terribly sad! They are literally your missing half. You only get one other half, there's no such thing as 3, 4 or 5 halves. Sometimes you feel they're your better half. Either way, together you are whole because both halves have been rejoined. When you find your soulmate you are literally fitting 2 halves together to make 1 whole. You feel a sense of finally being complete and finding the missing, lost piece. Finding your soulmate can be a blessing - or a curse. It's a blessing if you meet and stay together, but a curse if you meet again, but the timing is wrong or other obstacles get in your way and you are forced apart, again. Once you feel that soulmate connection, you're never the same again! It's a powerful invisible force that only you and your other half feel. It's almost better to never meet your soulmate at all, than to have met them, then be forced to part, because that trauma can prove to be almost unbearable, at times. When you meet your soulmate for the first time in this life, it won't feel like you're just meeting! You'll feel like you've known them forever but just haven't seen each other in awhile. Your soulmate feels really familiar to you even though you've seemingly just met. If you had no prior knowledge of soulmates, this might be an almost awkward feeling, because you're thinking to yourself "why does this person feel so familiar if we've only just met? How can this possibly be happening, because this is real life and not a fairy tale." The thing is ... deep inside you just know! Every soul-mate couple that we've ever met, agrees.
Something deep inside of you recognizes them before your mind can fully comprehend it. Your rational mind wants to find an explanation for it, but your soul's joyful, already knowing what it's feeling, because its missing other half is finally found. It's much more common than people think - but all too often, dismissed by our minds overruling our souls. Your soulmate is your best friend and your biggest fan. They love you with their whole heart & soul, and would give up their life for you! It's unconditional love - the kind where you know you can make mistakes and mess up, but they will still be there for you, always! Your soulmate doesn't play games or make you chase him/her. There's no room for such foolish things when it comes to a connection this strong and real. You never have to wonder about your soulmate's feelings for you, because they will let you know everyday and in every possible way, both small & large. There's no lack of trust or communication in a soulmate connection. Your soulmate is your biggest supporter, cheering you on through life. They help you become the best possible version of yourself. If you stumble, they'll pick you up and carry you. They'll fight your battles for you, defending you to the moon and back. A soulmate is the best partner anyone can ever have! Emily Bronte: [Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same."] Wuthering Heights, Heathcliff & Cathy.
Sometimes, it even goes so far as looking for people who physically look like your soulmate, that then seem attractive to you simply because it's like a piece of your lost soulmate is in them. As you saw in video #3 (Prequel) that's what happened to Ian's direct ancestor, Charles du Plessis (from 10 generations earlier) when he was surprised by the beautiful Elizabeth in his wine-cellar, doppelgรคnger of My direct ancestor (also from 10 generations earlier) Genevieve, Charles's lost soul mate. Exactly 9m later, that resulted in baby Elisabeth's birth, complicating everyone's life greatly, especially his wife and other children. That's why it's much better to stay with your soulmate if you meet them - or not meet at all, because the other option is simply too much to handle. If you've met your soulmate and you end up together in this life, consider yourselves the luckiest of people. You have your best friend and your true love all in one package. It's truly a once in a lifetime type of thing. Really, if you're going to fall in love, who better to fall in love with than the only person who was truly meant for you? Comment: 50y later, Ian & I almost fully agree with these pearls of wisdom regarding the "Soul Mate" phenomenon. For us, on 21-Dec-1971, at ages 16&15 respectively, it just happened, totally unplanned. Serendipity? Yes ... but also, without a doubt, it was God's loving gift to us both! That said, by now you may have noticed that it was also God's test for us both? Any one of the 7 traumatic, forced farewells could have ended our love-story prematurely. We had, in effect, been given 7 tests of love & loyalty, and, after passing those 7 tests, we finally were able to marry, though that also came at a price. Even now at age 91, my mother, still living in Canada, has never conceded that who I fell in love with, whom I chose to marry, whom I chose as the father of my children and whom I chose to spend the rest of my life with, was not her choice to make! She's long-since rejected all of us (her loss, but rejection hurts!) She's hanging-in there, hoping (against all odds) for a different outcome. Knowing her as well as I do, she's not just a passive enemy of our love - she's never been! She's still using every avenue left open to her (those are diminishing fast now) every curse, spell and soulish prayer that she can conjure up, to effect a different outcome. At age 66 & 65, I'd say time (and thankfully, God) is on our side. Christmas 2022 will be #51 for us. We've only ever missed 1 Christmas together since we met in 1971.