Full-Fat Dairy Products May Protect against Diabetes

Apparently full-fat dairy products have benefits we never could have imagined.  Also people consuming these products tend to have less belly fat.  It's a new fatty acid that has been discovered to be beneficial.  We already know that Omega-3's are helpful.  A long running Cardiovascular health study of almost 4,000 individuals brought this new evidence to light.  Here is the full article.

Excerpt:  "Although trans-palmitoleic acid represented only 1% of the fatty acids circulating in subjects' blood, the authors of the study found that those with the greatest volume of it in their bloodstreams tended to report the highest consumption of full-fat dairy foods, that they tended to have less fat around their midsection, that they were unlikely to have developed insulin resistance, and that they were least likely to develop Type 2 diabetes in the course of the study."

Australian researchers in a 16-year study found those who had the highest intake of full-fat dairy had a 70% lower risk of death from heart disease or stroke. It makes sense that if they don't develop insulin resistance then heart disease and stroke will also feature less. Find this article here.