A Heartwarming Note

I received this heartwarming note in a private message on lowcarbfriends.com  When I asked her Norma said I could share her note.  I decided to leave out her last name, but everything else is the same.  Through the years there have been people that have written to thank me for my work, and you cannot even imagine how warm and fuzzy it feels, to know my recipes have been a small part in making another person's life more enjoyable.  As I told Norma, those sweet praises were often what kept me going, and now I'm wondering if I have any more cookbooks in me after a 7-year hiatus, however, it is people like Norma who will be the catalyst. 

Here is the message Norma wrote that touched my heart.  What a sweet lady and how she deserves to remain successful and to touch many other lives as a result.  Thank you, Norma!  God bless you.
Dear Jennifer, I found your web site Splendid Low carbing and starting following your recipes then I found Low carb friends and started reading ... I just want to say Thank you for I started March 30/2010 and today December 27/2010 I am down 82 pounds.
I have gotten a new start in life... I am 67 years old.

I now only use your recipes as they are simple and easy for me to follow and they always are so good... I must say Thank you again for sharing...

Jennifer you are a special person..

Norma, Toronto Canada