Just a Comical Aside about Smiley! :)

Can anyone pleeeeeeease tell me why my doggie, Smiley, is such a star on my blog?!!  Every time I go and look at the most popular posts - by hitting the End key - Smiley is front and center!  Okay, what's up with that?  I think there must be a lot of doggie lovers out there or maybe a doggie adoption agency is permanently linked into that article!!  I really don't mind sharing the spotlight with my sweet, adopted dog and I'm highly amused, but I'm just mighty curious as to why this post is so popular on a low-carb blog?  Too funny!

In addition, if anyone has any clue as to what kind of dog or mixed breed Smiley is, we would really like to know.  I was in our apartment building where we rent out an apartment and a lady in the elevator spotted Smiley.  She said someone she knows has that breed of dog and it is actually an expensive breed.  Excitedly, I asked her what kind of breed?  She could not remember!  Sigh.  I also wish I knew how old Smiley is.  Sometimes he looks a little older.  I think he is 7 plus years.  We have had him for almost a year now.  His birthday (when we got him) is 111 (actually January 11th - 1st month, 11th day).  He is still so full of energy and loves his walks in nature here on the mountain more than anything besides food, of course.  Sometimes he gets wind of a gato solo (cayote mundi (sp?)) and freaks out and stays that way the rest of the day until its smell has dissipated.  So strange.  I think when he was on the lamb, one of those animals chased him and frightened him badly.  They can be very aggressive.

These days people are more likely to think Smiley is a Corgi - want to know why?  He spends all his waking hours running after us to the kitchen and to the table for scraps.  Most of us are suckers and he usually gets something and that's why he tries so hard.  I feed him tiny meals 3x a day because he expects it.  Wish I could do only two.  I make him ground beef and stick in some powdered vitamins each day and also he has his dog food (without soy).  He loves his rope bones which clean his teeth and keep his breath smelling good - well, good for a dog, right?