Looks as good as it tastes!  For convenience, use commercial Salsa and Low-Carb Tortillas, if desired.  This recipe is in Splendid Low-Carbing, page 67.  These books were not gluten-free.  They contained some of my best breads, tortillas, etc. 

This is a great recipe for leftover turkey or use one rotisserie chicken for convenience. I wrote 5 cookbooks (Splendid Low-Carbing Series) when I first started low-carbing and had lots of enthusiasm and energy, beginning in 1999. Our teenage boys grew up on these recipes and remained with us at home until 22 and 25 years of age, because we moved countries at the age of 50.  My book was the first low-carb cookbook out there, so I had no one to copy from and had to pioneer recipes.  Although, to be honest, I did belong to a forum called and I did get quite a lot of inspiration from some wonderful cooks over there, but for the most part, I think God led me to my vocation to help others and serve others as it was my prayer for many years. 

 Now I am touching on 60 and don't regret the journey I have been on.  It has also helped me and my family.  We are healthier and not as big as we would have been had we stayed the course we were on.  Prior to my low-carb cookbooks, I wrote two cookbooks that followed the guidelines for the traditional diabetic diet.  What a disaster that would have been had we remained on that high-carb diet!  My own genetic sister, sadly, suffers from obesity, diabetes and serious illness as a result of her love for sugar and sweet things.  I had that same love, but it is very much under control these days.  I can take or leave sweets and bread.  It is not a staple for me.  That is what low-carbing has done for me.  I am a moderate low-carber and have been for many years (although I started out as a strict, by-the-book low-carber) and am mostly in maintenance most of the time. This means I will have the occasional potato or a little bit of rice, but I try not to have sugar or white wheat flour, if I can help it, as I believe they are poison to our bodies.  I am not super skinny, but I am at a very healthy weight for my height and age.  The irony is that super-skinny is fine for the very young and healthy, but older people need a little extra in the way of curves as a buffer, because those reserves can come in handy later on.  This is interesting - overweight people live longer study shows following 10,000 people.  CLICK HERE.  My BMI for the curious is around 24 or closer to 25 most of the time (135 to 140 lbs, 5 foot 3 inches).  My husband does not pressure me to have a BMI of 20 like when I was much younger, and I think that is sweet that he would rather have me around longer, than have me fit into my cute clothes from my thirties and forties.  To be honest, I rarely feel unhappy with my weight.  Occasionally some photos give me pause for thought, but in real life, I'm happy and healthy, and that's what counts...not some fashionable number on the scale.  

14  Whey Tortillas, page 123,  Splendid Low-Carbing OR Oat Tortillas, p. 71, Vol. 2, Splendid Low-Carbing for Life
1 tbsp olive oil (15 mL)
1/2 cup chopped onion (125 mL)
4 cups diced, cooked chicken, OR (1 L)    
1 cup sour cream (250 mL)
1 cup Cheddar cheese (250 mL)
4.5 oz canned, green chilies, (127 mL)
2 tsp instant chicken stock mix (10 mL)
11/2 cups Salsa (375 mL)
2 cups Cheddar cheese (500 mL)

In large skillet, in olive oil cook onion until tender.  Remove from heat.  Stir in chicken or turkey, sour cream, 1 cup (250 mL) Cheddar cheese, green chilies and instant chicken stock mix.  If desired, fry tortillas in oil  in frying pan before filling.

Fill tortillas with chicken mixture and place seam side down in 2, 2-quart (2 L) casserole dishes.  Cover tortillas with Salsa, page 98 and 2 cups (500 mL) Cheddar cheese, divided between casserole dishes.

Bake in 350°F (180°C) oven 10 to 15 minutes, or just until cheese is melted.  Serve with extra sour cream, if desired.

Helpful Hint:  Amount of chicken is approximately 6 chicken breasts or about 11/2 lbs (0.7 kg).

Yield:  14 servings
1 serving
234.1 calories
23.4 g protein
11.9 g fat
8.0 g carbs

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