Fast-5 is a Great Weight Loss Tool to Combine with Low-Carbing - FAQ

Here is an FAQ to help you on your way.  If you register, there is a free E-Book available written by Dr. Herring; highly recommended! A paper back version is also available.  This is a no-fuss, no counting carbs or calories way of eating to use as a weight loss tool when wanting to drop pounds. During maintenance, I rarely do it more than a couple of times a week and sometimes I abandon it completely, and eventually when I gain a few pounds again, then I always fall back on it, because it works for me. However, as the FAQ will let you know, low-carbing will cut down on cravings and reduce hunger during the fasting period.  I find that if I am super-hungry (try to remember this means you are losing weight and try to resist by distracting yourself with maybe just a cup of warm tea) in the 19-hour fasting window that a cup of tea with a splash of milk and 1/2 tsp of peanut butter on the side will settle me.  This might create limbic hunger in another person, so your mileage may vary as they say.  Everyone is different.  Some people once they taste peanut butter won't stop until the jar is almost finished!  I could never ever do that.  I don't like it that much but it has enough fat in it to still my hunger.

Peanut butter is a semi-solid and can therefor...
This way of eating does not suit everyone. Some people cannot stand to go without food for so long, but think about it, 8 hours of that 19 hours is spent sleeping and at least 1 hour is spent getting ready for the day (if you're a woman) and maybe another hour is spent exercising; so that leaves 9 hours that one has to tough it out.  It gets so much easier once one gets into the groove and it is no longer a hardship as one gets excited about the health benefits and the weight loss!

I use Fast-5 temporarily as a tool here and there when I want to drop a few pounds.  I gained 5 lbs over Christmas and with the subsequent baking of tons of batches of muffins to figure out the best gluten-free bake mix option, I've not yet been able to lose those pounds.  This is the tool for weight loss that works best for me, because I don't seem to have the discipline each day, like some other amazing people, to count my carbs and lose weight on a very low-carb diet. In my low-fat days many, many moons ago, I also failed at calorie-counting.  In any case, I feel best on moderate carbs and I also feel less deprived.  This may sound weird coming from me, but remember I'm still low-carbing at roughly 50 to 100 grams of carbs a day.  The lower figure is for when I'm dieting.  Maybe there are other people out there similar to me.  If so, this protocol may work for you too.  You can expect normal weight loss of 1 to 2 lbs a week and more if you have lots to lose.  For some people weight loss only begins after the 3rd week.  Don't give up!

I should add my 5 hour window contains 2 meals - breakfast at 11 am and then usually another meal when I'm hungry sometime before 3 pm.  I might have a snack as well.  I'm not really strict during those 5 hours.  I try to do all my cooking and baking during that 5-hour window as well.  The other parts of my day and the rest of my energy is spent doing other things and I'm freed up from the kitchen and thinking about food.

As an added health bonus:  This way of eating reduces CRP levels (inflammation) in the body.

An interesting excerpt from the free e-book that I gleaned:  After about 2 weeks glycogen stores are depleted and then the body metabolizes fat more easily and one begins to use ketones for energy, same principle as Atkins.  The more fat metabolism, the more ketones, but as the body gets used to using ketones the characteristic ketone-breath will diminish.

Note:  Weight loss for many people will begin right away and for others it could take 3 weeks before entering the dynamic weight loss phase.  Stick with it.

Important:  It is possible to suffer a low blood sugar episode during fasting - even in the middle of the night!  If you are prone to low blood sugar, then this way of eating may not be right for you.  Quickly bring blood sugar up to normal levels with some honey, orange juice or whatever you have on hand.  Eat something!   Any of these sorts of dieting tools should always be done in consultation with your doctor. Practice caution.  However, it is very rare that low blood sugar is severe or life threatening.  That usually happens in people who take insulin.

Final Note:  I did read in the beginning of the e-book where the doctor wrote that if one gets an adverse reaction or low blood sugar to decrease the fasting window - i.e. increase the eating window by a few hours.  He says the body may not be adapting well yet and to take it slower.  Dr. Herring says if the symptoms persist, seek medical attention right away.