Okay about that Flax....

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Remember my post where I was freaking out about the flax meal messing with my hormones?  Well, I'm not so sure that isn't the case, however, I 've since discovered that my longtime migraine medicine can give similar side effects (although if I ever had them before, they must have been ever so mild as I didn't notice).  So figured it was the responsible thing to mention to my readers that maybe the flax was not the problem.  Personally, after reading the things I did about flax, I won't be using it again, mainly due to its possible effect on my thyroid and hormones and the fact that my sons and husband don't want phytoestrogens. 

As my friend, Ginny, of Ginny's Low-Carb Kitchen pointed out, flax has actually been a wonderful addition to her family's diet.  Sometimes the benefits outweigh any risks.  Let's face it, that's the way I look at Splenda.  I definitely favor it over, say, sugar or aspartame or agave syrup or stevia, however, I'm looking at it like the benefits outweigh the risks for us.  Let's face it, there are risks in drinking tap water or even bottled water.  There are risks in simply being alive!

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