Put Some Full Fat Sour Cream On Your Butter!

I'm trying to catch your attention! Now that I have it, seriously, the study seems to suggest that women who love butter actually increase their risk slightly of dying from heart disease (goes up 4%), but that eating full fat yogurt or sour cream can mitigate that somewhat as the risk of dying goes down 8%.  Men don't seem to fall in the same risk category if they eat lots of butter (weird, huh - what makes them so different?).  Also, eating cheese and drinking milk doesn't seem to have any effect on longevity for men or women one way or the other.

My theory as to why women fare less well eating lots of butter is because women tend to love desserts and, therefore, consume more sugar than men.  Women are around sugar more often as well because they take care of the children's dietary needs, which often include sweet treats, and makes it almost certain that the mother will indulge as well.  Most times women do the grocery shopping and sweet treats and temptation abounds; even when grabbing a cup of coffee with a friend, a sweet treat is usually involved.  Men are less likely to indulge their sweet tooth as much.

What does eating a lot of sugar and fat do?  Well, consuming sugar and fructose raise triglycerides (medical term for fat) in the blood stream which is implicated in heart disease.  A person with high triglycerides caused by eating lots of sugar has too much fat in their blood stream because they are making too much and unable to burn it efficiently.  Add eating a ton of fat as well in the form of butter and my theory is that would be overload and predispose women who love butter and sugary desserts to heart disease and a greater risk of dying from it.  Men have a lower risk when they love eating lots of butter because generally men prefer savory foods over sugary foods and, in fact, it is true that men prefer pizza and women prefer chocolate.  Just thinking this morning....