Five Dynamic Views of My Blog - Cool Stuff!

 I hope you can see this! 

Update: newer post - Finally figured it out - See the URL address at the top? Type in the word 'view' next to the slash sign and hit enter. You should be able to access all the different views as seen here: COOL LOOKS

Basically this is how the URL will look:

Five different ways to view my blog.  One might need one of the newer computer features, like Chrome, to view them, but how neat!  Enjoy if you have that ability to view the Splendid Low-Carbing blog in different ways.  Thanks to my readers for coming back again and again to visit my blog.  I'm grateful.  I will have some giveaways of my books at some point to say thanks, so keep an eye open for that.

By the way, I really wish my blog looked a little less braggy, if you know what I mean. Ian, my sweet hubby, set it up for me (I'm not technologically clever like that).  In addition is also his doing.  That is a painting at the top of my blog.  Ian commissioned paintings of me (at a much younger age - ha!) from a well-known Canadian artist, Jonathon Bowser (he calls his art "goddess art", a name I personally don't care for at all - I just look at them as pretty paintings) without my knowledge.  He likes doing things like that.  :)  Anyhow if anyone thinks I'm full of myself - nothing could be further from the truth. I'm very down-to-earth, a bit impulsive by nature (bad-bad), friendly but quite a private person in real life who loves God and her small family of 3 and few friends so much.  I'm quite aware of my faults, so I don't think of myself as better than another person.  That is the truth.