Hmmm - Made My Foccacia Bread Again

FOCCACIA - Click on the photo to see a delicious-looking, big image!

Here is the RECIPE!

Hmm, so good!  This time I withheld the cheese and spread the batter on the greased foil, sprinkled the cheese over it and lightly folded it in, but not completely and lightly sprinkled with a bit more cheese.  Oh yum!!  My husband loves this.  For now this makes a great gluten-free low-carb bread substitute. One can even slice each slice in half (horizontally) and then there is more surface for spreading butter.  I will be working on something else as well that will suffice as a good gluten-free bread substitute.  Hope I am successful.  I was sent something on making a sourdough starter.  Oh my, how complicated it seems and I don't do complicated, so I'll be looking at something a lot simpler.