New York-style Crumb Cake

Looks very yummy, but read on!

I was scouring the internet looking at recipes.  I do that for fun!  I read cookbooks like novels.  I think many women do.  I wonder if men know this little detail about some of us women chefs?

I saw this recipe and it sounded delicious until I read the topping ingredients.  For a 9 x 13-inch dish (okay, substantial), 5 cups of flour is required.  Then out of curiosity, I checked the carbohydrates per serving: 90 grams!!  Yep, you read that right.  That's unreal.  Granted at 12 servings, those are big servings, but still.  That's about 4 times more carbohydrates in one serving of cake than many low-carbers consume in one day.  No wonder people are struggling with their weight so much these days.  It's excess - too much excess - especially when it comes to refined carbohydrates.  That's not even classified as food since white flour is regarded as an anti-nutrient - it requires nutrients from the body to digest it.

I just made a double-layered Almond Vanilla cake with Caramel Frosting yesterday and although I haven't checked the carbs yet, I'm pretty sure it's nowhere near that.  We are eating healthier, folks!  Stay tuned for my cake. :)