Have To Tell You About a Fabulous New Blog! Fluffy Chix Cook!

If you have not discovered this new blog, then hurry on over to check out Fluffy Chix Cook.  She is one seriously talented cook and her photos and blog are exquisitely well done.  She leans a bit more towards gourmet cooking by the looks of things, which means I can learn a lot from her! Susie's fantastic sense of humor and energy which jumps off the screen practically is bound to put you in a great mood! 

From the moment I "met" Susie (aka Pooti or Pooticus) on Lowcarbfriends, I knew she was one intelligent woman!  She has gone low-carb like the rest of us, but throw in a few more challenges for Susie; she is gluten-free and has an allergy to nuts (or maybe only almonds, I forget now) and something else, I thought.  Susie has lost over 70 pounds low-carbing and plans to lose quite a bit more, but she takes it in her stride, as this is a way of life for her now.  Her story is very touching:  read it here.  You can tell Susie is the kind of person we all like to have as a friend; genuine, doesn't take herself seriously, loves to laugh (did I mention she is so witty and funny!) and works hard at pleasing and helping others as well.

Susie, thank you so much for your support of my blog and work and just simply also for being such a good friend.  (((HUGS)))  Love your blog - keep up the amazing work!  You will be helping so many people eat well and live healthier lives.