Splenda® is not a No Calorie Sweetener! The truth Revealed

Update:  To be be fair, many other companies make use of the loopholes in the rules and fudge the numbers.

I'm not sure why the American marketing companies of Splenda® and Splenda® knock-offs feel the need to call their product a no calorie sweetener.  It is misleading and untrue. I realize they can do that because 1 tsp contains so few calories and somehow there is a loophole in the rules for declaring it, but 2 calories is still 2 calories and it adds up the more Splenda® Granular one uses and the same holds true for the carbs.  In Canada, McNeil Consumer Products Company was truthful about the calories and carbs for Splenda® Granular and it was openly displayed on the packages.

For comparison:  1 tsp of sugar = 16 calories and 4 g carbs and 1 cup of sugar = 800 calories and 200 g carbs

1 tsp Splenda® Granular = 2.0 calories and 0.5 g carbs

1 tbsp Splenda® Granular = 6.0 calories and 1.5 g carbs

1 cup Splenda® Granular = 96.0 calories and 24.0 g carbs

Splenda® packets:  4 calories and 1 g carb per packet

To reduce carbs and calories to zero, use liquid sucralose.