Splenda Misinformation - Written by a famous low-carb doctor

Although this article about Splenda misinformation  by Dr. Eades is older, it's a good thing to remind ourselves that in moderation, Splenda is probably going to be okay for most folks.  If one has obvious side effects, then don't use it.  My family has been the biggest guinea pigs on planet earth for Splenda (18 years and counting and some years on massive doses). I again tried a taste of the Stevia in my cupboard and I must say I really don't like it too much.  The choice of sweetener is definitely a personal one.  I will tell you though I am so skittish about aspartame and I've had a fair amount in my life.  I think it is much worse for us than Splenda, and sugar again is also much worse for us than Splenda.  Anyway, just my opinion, but nice to see that the good low-carb doctor agrees.

Splenda is not perfect, however, and some people do have legitimate problems and reactions to it.  Those people should steer clear.  I have to steer clear of dark chocolate and acidic things.  It happens.  The thing about Splenda that is not great is that it can affect gut flora (the source:  Dr. Mercola who is very anti-Splenda or any sweetener).  Now, there is a way around that besides eating yogurt.  Nevella, a sucralose/Splenda-like product with probiotics (probiotics more powerful than in yogurt) has been my preference for over a year now.  I love it!  I like using it in combination with erythritol these days.  I guess the patent on sucralose and Splenda Granular has run out and other companies are making it.  I tried one by Better Homes and Gardens and did not like it at all.  It did not seem to have enough sweetening power to sweeten my cheesecake adequately.  Nevella has none of those problems.  Did I mention that Nevella is way cheaper than Splenda Granular?  That is what sold me on the product initially.  Splenda Granular has become prohibitively expensive.