Remember My Foccacia Bread? - well, try this for a different twist!

Lately my hubby and I have been having lots of barbecues, mainly grass-fed beef (rib eye steak!) which has more omega-3's than salmon!  Can you believe that?  Steak is healthy for us!  Yay!  Anyway, we've been taking my Focaccia bread and slicing it horizontally in half - so that one has two thin slices.  We place these inside surfaces facing down on the upper rack of the barbecue above the steaks while they are cooking.  They become toasted just like regular toast and then when the steak is ready, we slather the slices in garlic butter or my healthy butter - either way it is great.  My hubby loves butter!  He sticks some on his steak as well.  lol

This Focaccia does not really toast well in a regular toaster, plus it often gets stuck in there and that can be major league annoying!  It may work well in a little toaster oven, I think.  Anyway, thought I'd share this new way of enjoying the Foccacia bread when it is time to barbecue.

Another thought I had was to slice onion and tomato really thinly and place together with a cheese slice between two generous, thin slices of Focaccia.  Then toast it above the barbecue grill!  Yummy - we used to enjoy this in South Africa when I was a young adult - of course, we simply used regular bread.  We would butter the outsides of the bread and you can do that with the focaccia as well (in hindsight not necessary to do this at all, besides the butter might drip).  UPDATE:  Made this today.  It was excellent!  You cannot imagine - tastes like regular bread that has been toasted.  You have to try it!  Let me know if you do.

P.S.  I have cheese hamburger buns and biscuits that I'm perfecting before sharing on my blog.  I'm thinking cinnamon buns too.  We'll see how things go.