Staying Slim More Complex Than Previously Thought

Two sentences grabbed my attention:

"But for participants who regularly ate whole-fat dairy products and nuts, both rich in calories, there was still an added benefit. Why?

It seems the responses triggered while anticipating low-calorie foods -- seeing, smelling, tasting them -- still jumpstart the same metabolic processes needed to digest high-fat foods. Strangely, the body can be tricked into thinking it's getting more calories than it actually is."

It has been proven that calcium in dairy products helps with weight loss, plus, of course yogurt keeps Candida at bay (almost impossible to lose weight when there is an overgrowth of yeast). The higher fat satiates.  Nuts - well we eat a ton of nuts on a low-carb diet and we know it does nothing but help us.  In fact, it has been discovered that nuts actually help with weight loss.

The second sentence made me smile.  Yep, of course, we have discovered that on our low-carb diet.  Fat satiates quite quickly and people in ketosis usually curtail their calories quite naturally.

So, in conclusion, I do believe it matters what kinds of food we eat over the long haul if we want to remain slender.   Occasional splurges a day here or there is not as important as what we do day in and day out when it comes to food choices.  Calories consumed over a long period of time is what matters; not a day of excess here or there.  I wrote about this epiphany about calories over here.