Barbo Tests Dreamfields Pasta!

My sweet friend, Barbara Goldstein, has diabetes and manages her condition with a low-carb diet.  She tried Weight Watchers for a while but found it difficult to control her blood sugar and switched back to low-carbing.  With all the controversy surrounding Dreamfields Pasta, she decided to put it to the test.  I like Dreamfields, myself, however since discovering that they use inulin to coat the pasta, I'm less enthused. 

Normally a serving of regular Dreamfields pasta has 42 grams of carbohydrate, more than many low-carbers will eat in any given day. However, the company devised a unique way to prevent most of the carbohydrates from being absorbed by the body. Only 5 grams (4 grams soluble and 1 gram insoluble) of carbohydrate need be counted in a normal serving as indicated on the box. What’s more is they clinically test each batch of pasta to ensure the carbohydrate reading is correct. Wow! In layman’s terms, their special fiber blend of inulin, xanthum gum, and pectin together with proteins protects the body from digesting the total carbs. So, therefore, one is getting plenty of fiber. If one suffers from IBS though, it could present a problem at times, especially if combined with other high fiber foods on the same day. Consume with caution and skip other fiber-rich foods that day, if that is the case.

Here are Barbo's findings for Dreamfield's effect on her blood sugar:

Low carb Dreamfield's Pasta test vs. Regular Pasta

I am reporting the results of my Dreamfield's test:
Proceeded from 109 fasting in the morning.
1 c. D's Penne Pasta cooked with LC cheese sauce
made only with cream, butter, cheese. 1 c. coffee
with cream and SS.
Fasting: 109
Post Prandial: 30 min:  189
"            "         60  "      147
"             "        90  "       113
"             "        120         108

2 days later:
I am reporting the results of my Regular Pasta Test
1 c. ordinary Penne Pasta from supermarket
Cooked with cheese, cream, butter. Same as before
1 c. coffee with cream and SS
Fasting: Blood sugar 112.
Post Prandial: 30 minutes   194
  "          "        60     "          198
  "          "        90     "          187
  "          "       120    "           141
  "          "        170   "           137
  "          "        220   "            119
  "          "        270    "           118
As you can see I never did return to the fasting 112.
Also I had to test much more to see a return to a
normal number.
I noticed a lot of starchiness with the regular pasta
and not any with Dreamfield's.  I would say that from
my tests I would use Dreamfield's in lieu of regular
pasta. I would use only 1 oz. of the product instead
of two oz. which would mean only 1/2 c. cooked product,
mixed in with veggies and meat. I will totally avoid
any regular pastas.
I am totally surprised by my results.

Effect of eating steak on Barbo's blood sugar:

Here's a wonderful report.

Fasting Blood Sugar:  104 (best number in a month)
Breakfast: 2 egg, butter, 3 bacon, 1 coffee with crm and ss.
One hour of water aerobics, marketing then home:
Blood Sugar: 113
Lunch: 7 oz. top sirloin fried in brown butter including
            the fat and the butter over top. Diet Coke with
            Splenda and it has a little bit of caffeine
            2 tbs. pumpkin seeds, roasted, 8 oz. glass
            of pure almond milk sweetened with 1 Splenda
Blood sugar one hour later:  114
Amazing what carbs can do to the body.  
Here is a note I received from someone in an email - just goes to show how low-carbing helps people with diabetes:
"I have purchased all 7 of your books and got my daughter to also. We are low-carbing and love your recipes. I was diabetic and because of Atkins and your books no longer am on medication except for thyroid. I have lost 65# and need to loose 20# more. You have been a blessing to me. Thank you so much."   

The lady who wrote that note wrote me back today and said:

"What  i didn't say before was I had to use an electric skooter before and now I can walk and go to gym 3 times a week and also do curves 3 times a  week. I will be 70 in October. Doctor said I am really healthy for a woman my age. I have back problems but God is good!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a friend who after losing weight on Atkins became a latent diabetic as well.  It is very possible to reverse diabetes with low-carbing.