Coconut Sultana Cookies (GF)

I made these cookies again recently.  I forgot to add the extra egg and I did bake them a bit longer, but they were still doughy and soft. I used 1/4 cup extra of the new gluten-free bake mix (I think - sorry, I'm really wondering now - since they were doughy, I probably forgot).  I left some of the cookies in balls and the rest I criss-crossed with a fork dipped in coconut.  FYI - the amount of coconut can be halved.  I had quite a bit leftover.  My husband did not care for them.  However, the next day and by the third day, I really liked them.  They reminded me a bit of Fig Newtons - yummy!  Needless to say I happily finished the whole batch by myself!!  I'll have to make them again one of these days to confirm my findings.
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