Further Evidence that Oats Can Lower Cholesterol

For the majority of us, oatmeal is out!  It is way too carby, but the bit of oat flour in my Splendid Gluten-free bake mix will be fine for many of us - especially for those who need to be gluten-free as well as low-carb.  This is a very tasty bake mix and perhaps something to look forward to for those low-carbers that will one day be in maintenance.  If it doesn't create cravings and blood sugar remains stable, then it should be fine.  I don't use gluten-free oat flour as my DH is mainly intolerant to gluten and having gone off, he is losing weight easily and also his blood pressure is normal.  If he starts back on gluten, his blood pressure immediately goes up again.  So strange but glad we figured it out.

I found this quote below this morning on Pegasuslegend's Blog as the preamble to a really tasty sounding breakfast coffeecake.  I love raisins, but did you know that a few can go a long way?  My favorite trick is to halve the amount of raisins in a recipe and then snip the raisins used for the recipe in half.  The sweetness is still there but the carbs are reduced by half.  The cake would be easy to make lower carb, gluten-free and sugarless but I'm not going to go there as it will still be too carby for most of us.

As you guys know my low-carb and gluten-free bake mix has some oat flour in it (not a huge amount considereing it is mostly ground almonds), so I'm always interested to find out how healthy it is.  It certainly is a lot better than white flour or soy flour or many of the others out there and it helps my baking to taste "normal".  For those of you in the strict dieting phase and not worried about gluten, the Splendid Low-Carb Bake mix will be more appealing and may be used instead.

I have to say though I can lose weight using my newest gluten-free bake mix and so can my husband.  It is no different for us than using the other.  However, if one has been very low-carb and one switches to this bake mix, I imagine some glycogen stores will refill and will be seen as a 1 or 2 lb gain on the scale, but that should resolve pretty quickly.  I have come up with gluten-free bread that is fantastic as toast.  It makes 30 slices!  I love it toasted and to be honest I like it more than regular bread, toasted.

Here is the quote from Pegasuslegend:

"Oatmeal is a good source of a variety of nutrients. The nutrients in oatmeal include: vitamin E, Zinc, selenium, copper, iron, manganese and magnesium. Oatmeal also contains significant amounts of protein, soluble and insoluble fiber. Some reports indicate that oatmeal may reduce LDL cholesterol without reducing HDL cholesterol.Oatmeal actually did  work and help for me, my cholesterol went from 257 to 167 eating oatmeal everyday, oatmeal bread and then I added a teaspoon of cinnamon in it. That all happened as quickly as three months! My HDL was over 100 and the LDL 67. I was thrilled not to be put on medication.
Oatmeal is known to have cancer fighting properties and can reduce the risk of heart disease. Oatmeal is 100% natural. Excluding flavored oatmeals, the only ingredient you will find in an oatmeal box is oatmeal. Oatmeal is an easy and tasty meal, and did you know that currently approximately 80% of US household have some type of oatmeal in their cabinets."