Stuffed Eggs

This is great cold for picnics too.

These recipes are ones that I often use, especially the Bobotie, since I am a South African by birth and spent 21 years growing up in the southernmost tip of Africa.  I grew up in a predominantly Afrikaans town and went to an Afrikaans school.  My tuition was in Afrikaans and my friends were mostly Afrikaans.  My husband who comes from an Afrikaans family went to an English boarding school in Bloemfontein - St. Andrews.  That prepared the two of us for a life together by blending our cultures nicely.  We still watch Afrikaans shows (recorded) almost nightly.  We like to keep our heritage alive even although we rarely visit South Africa, especially me. I was definitely more Afrikaans than my British (completely English) descended parents. Ian visits his parents so he goes more frequently to Cape Town.  Then later we spent almost 30 years in Canada.