Steviva Blend and a chance to win something nice

Update:  Some people may experience some intestinal discomfort or diarrhea.  Why that is, I have no idea.  Stevia on its own should not be a problem and erythritol on its own is not a problem.  Not sure why the blended version is a problem sometimes for some people.

Below is a letter I received just now.  I thought I would share it here.  Funny thing is in the last 24 hours I was thinking I really need to do a post on Steviva Blend.  I ran out of erythritol and used Steviva Blend in its stead in combination with Splenda Granular.  It works very well in baking and seems to contribute to nice, moist baked goods. They have another product called Fructevia but for low-carbers the Steviva Blend is best.  Steviva Blend is a blend of stevia and erythritol.

"Steviva Blend is a blend of the highest quality Rebaudioside A (stevia extract) an all natural grain extract, erythritol, a filler which is naturally occurring in a variety of foods and derived from non-GMO fermented grain.
Steviva Blend is granulated like sugar, dissolves quickly and has a 2:1 sweetness ratio to sugar, so it is very easy to measure. Steviva Blend is ideal to bake and cook with. Steviva Blend has less than 1 Calorie and less than 1 Carbohydrate per serving making it safe for diabetics and may be used in hot or cold liquids, sprinkled on cereals and fruit, or in any way that you wish to use this revolutionary dietary supplement.
What is Erythritol?
A substance which occurs naturally in many fruits and vegetables now manufactured by fermentation of glucose. With a caloric value close to zero (max 0.2Kcal/g) with an appearance and properties very similar to sucrose but offering 70% of the sweetness of sucrose, it is an ideal choice for many applications."

Nutrition Facts:  1 tbsp (12 g)

Total Calories 2.4 

Total Fat g 0%   

Sodium mg 0%   

Total Carbohydrates g 0%   

   Sugars g

   Sugar Alcohols (Polyols) 12  g

Protein g

So, for those folks who like stevia, the Steviva Blend tastes good and is great in baking! 

August 15, 2011

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Live well...

Thomas J. King

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