Heads Up Comments for the Splendid Gluten-Free Bake Mix

Many people have tried the Splendid Gluten-Free Bake Mix either in their own favorite recipes or in some of mine and here is some positive feedback all in one place.  This might help encourage some people who are a little worried about trying something so new and with potentially expensive ingredients. Thanks everyone for your wonderful feedback!  Have a great day!  You have sure made many of my days Great!!

Donna Hodach-Price and I keep in touch and she recently wrote me a letter regarding the zucchini loaf she made using her own favorite recipe:

"Once cooled, I sliced a small piece to compare it with the...ughh...OTHER loaf that I made with the commercial mix.  OMG!!! There is NO comparison!!!  

Commercial mix loaf: Heavy, gritty, slimey and that aftertaste I just can't get over!  A non-GF person would easily be able to tell that something was off in the baking. (Remember this is a high carb gluten-free bake mix that Donna used.)

Jennifers mix: Light, smooth and perfectly tasty. There is NO WAY that a non-GF person would be able to tell the difference between the GF zucchini bread and a loaf made with regular flour...actually...my husband likes the texture of the loaf made with the GF mix BETTER than the same recipe made with regular white flour!
Also, recently,  Kathy wrote to me about using my bake mix in her recipe for banana bread (here is my recipe):
Hi Jennifer,
Thanks for posting your low carb gluten free bake mix without flax. I didn't see your tweak on reducing the xanthum gum to .5 tsp from .75 tsp, so hopefully we won't have tummy issues. I've got banana bread in the oven right now, can't wait to see how it turns out. Have you ever tried baking your bread in a ceramic pan? That's what I'm using now, hoping it works out alright. I'll let you know how it turns out.
Jennifer said...
Hi Kathy, I have switched back to 3/4 tsp xanthan gum. Typically, unless I really overdo my baking, I don't have any issues these days - thankfully!

I have never tried using a ceramic pan. That should be interesting. I recently bought smaller loaf pans - 8 x 4 inch and definitely nonstick. The bread is super made in that. Also looks bigger because the pan is a bit smaller than the usual 9 x 5 inch.
KathyAC said...
Hi Jennifer,
Kathy, here again following up. The loaf popped right out of the ceramic pan after sitting for about 5 minutes. There was negligible fall in the middle of the loaf. I didn't do sugar free, but your GF bake mix substituted great for a recipe I had. The whole family liked it! Whoo hoo!

I'm thinking of trying your scone recipe next. Have you ever tried holding your batter/dough overnight in the refrigerator to be made the next morning?

Thanks for spending all the time and money developing your mix and sharing it with the world, fantastic!

Sherry said about my biscuits:

Hi Jennifer! I just "stumbled" across this site a few days ago, went to the health food store and loaded up on baking ingredients. I must say I've been scared of low carb bread since I tried it many years ago and it was not good…..disgusting, actually! I made the cheese biscuits and breakfast hash this morning.....DELICIOUS!!! Thank you for so much sharing your recipes!

Another person said about my sandwich bread:

I just baked this bread and it's absolutely fabulous! I'm a long-timer who misses bread, but hates the "eggy" or "flaxy" subs. This is so much like real bread! My daughter's friend with Celiac's is going to be thrilled, too. Thanks!

Vicki Allwardt said about my Carrot Cake Loaf:

Carrot Cake and frosting rated a 10 from my hubby! I think you could market this....

High praise from Philis for my Foccacia Bread:

"Jennifer I made this yesterday & really really like it. I made your mix using buckwheat instead of the oat flour. I only made a 1/2 recipe not knowing if it would turn out alright. In my mix (1/2 recipe again: used 1 T less of the Buckwheat & 1 T more of the coconut flour. The foccacia Bread was very good. Next time I plan to add more cheese to make a cheese bread maybe as small rolls for the fun of it. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your creativity. This is the best gluten free bread I have made. Beats just using almond or coconut flour!"


And the Redhead said:

"Oh, my stars! I'm really late to the game on this one, but I wanted you to know I finally got around to trying this. Wow! I've been low carbing for almost 8 years and have tried many, many recipes for breads that I hated. I don't like flax, either. I have a beautiful 14 month old granddaughter and thankfully, my DD is listening to me and keeping the baby sugar and grain free as much as possible. I just made this bread for her and I know she'll love it. Thank you, thank you, thank you."