Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show #500!!!

Jimmy Moore, one of a kind cheer leader for the low-carb community all over the world, just celebrated his 500th podcast.  I was one of the 40 people who got an opportunity to thank Jimmy and congratulate him on that podcast. I felt so honored to be amongst such BIG names.  Wowzers!  Anyway, it was a pleasure to congratulate Jimmy and thank him.  After poor Dr. Atkins died, we were in sore need of a cheer leader to rally the low-carb troops.  I view Jimmy as that person. Here is the podcast - rather interesting.  I thought Dana Carpender's speech was interesting too - she was about third from the beginning.  My speech (although I didn't realize immediately that Jimmy was not with me on the podcast as he normally is - haha -eek!) is about halfway - pull the little bar along if you don't want to listen to everyone.  There is also a link to my previous interview with Jimmy next to my name.

Update:  You have to listen to Tom Naughton - right at the end more or less.  He is hilarious!!