The Possible Link Between Diabetes and Dementia

This is scary.  It is important to make sure if one has diabetes or is pre-diabetic to get a good handle on blood sugar by following a strict low-carb diet, if necessary.  Here is the article.

This makes any of us who do not have diabetes even more determined to stay the path of low-carbing to prevent hyperinsulinemia and hyperglycemia. 

It is something to keep in mind but don't panic unduly.  I did know a lady who had diabetes for the last 10 years of her life (induced by prednisone and putting on 40 lbs), but only in the last month or so of her life did she start losing her faculties.  It is not a foregone conclusion, but nevertheless a good idea to avoid by going low-carb.  This lady that I knew followed the traditional diabetic diet - high carb (very!) and low-fat.  I could not convince her to go low-carb although she was always astonished to see her blood sugar drop after a sojourn at my house for a weekend.  She was just too old to change and really trusted her dietitian despite the evidence - plus, she didn't want to spend time cooking in the kitchen.  It was so much easier for her to grab convenience foods like cereal, milk and a banana, for instance.  Whenever she went into the hospital I was always astonished to see the high-carb meals she was fed.  Just before eating, the nurse would give her an insulin shot.