Flexible Wraps (GF) - Recipe Finalized!!

Such a quick and easy recipe compared to any of my other soft tortilla recipes.  The trick is to get a sticky dough, just sticky enough that it is somewhat uncomfortable to work with.  See Helpful Hints below the recipe.  See simple recipe below for burrito meat.

If desired, one can make these wraps bigger - just make fewer!  Roll them thin, however.  :)

Thank you for your interest in my recipes.  Find this gluten-free recipe in Low-Carbing Among Friends.

Helpful Hints:  If you have a very powerful food processor, then you may need less water – either way begin with the smaller amount and add water by the tablespoon (15 mL) after that.  The extra moisture helps the wraps to remain flexible.  These wraps are small; so don’t roll them out too thin.  Also, do not overcook them as they will become brittle and lose their flexibility.  If you want them cracker-like or like taco chips, cook until brittle and well-browned on both sides.  I find that using a small rolling pin designed for rolling crusts in a pan, gives one a lot more control to get that lovely, round shape for the tortilla.  I roll the dough out and keep turning the plastic and rolling it out.

Store the wraps in a sealed plastic bag, either at room temperature or in the refrigerator for longer storage.  

Yield:   7 wraps
1 wrap
90.5 calories
3.2 g protein
6.4 g fat
4.1 g carbs

Want some Burrito Meat for your Soft Tortilla?  This is what I do:

Begin with 1 1/2 lbs of ground beef, add semi-cooked, chopped onion, 1 tbsp chili powder, 2 tsp cumin, crushed garlic to taste, 1 tsp onion salt, OR seasoning salt.  Cook until the ground beef is nicely browned, adding water when necessary to keep things moist.  Towards the last five minutes add some cooked black beans, if desired.  Fill your tortilla with the savory mince and grated cheese, nuke briefly and serve with sour cream.  Easy!