Off Topic - Who Saw Avatar? Here is Pandora...

Actually not really, but my new country in places reminds one of Pandora. If you've seen the movie avatar then you might think so as well. That science fiction movie by James Cameron was amazing.  I saw it in 3D.  I saw it 3x and I want to see it again!  Apparently there will be at least 2 sequels.

Anyway this is not Pandora, although it looks like it, it's really Jen's jungle. These are pictures of the jungles surrounding me in my new life.  Enjoy the photos.  It's nice for me to see them here too. :)  And, you remember that last little guy, don't you?  Who can forget a funny little face like that?  That little monkey visits me every day with his mate (for bananas).  I keep bananas frozen in the freezer for times when we run out (we usually buy a crate a week for the birds and critters that come to my garden) and the monkeys will make repeat visits on the days that I have frozen bananas.  They think it's really cool (haha 'scuse the pun!).  I keep thinking how wonderful it would be if I could one day see some really tiny baby monkeys from this pair that visits us.  That would be so cuuute!!

For the last 5 years now Ian and I have been literally living in a jungle (a rain forest) high up in the mountains, but fortunately we have access to high speed internet. Because of the huge number of trees though and the almost daily afternoon thunderstorms (morning is usually sunny and pleasant with Spring-like temps at this time of year), we experience frequent power outages (sometimes many hours) when trees fall on power lines.  We do have a generator for those times.   The other day it wasn't fun though.  My hubby was in the city with our sons and I was in the jungle by myself without electricity and the power outage lasted 7 hours.  I don't know how to start the generator myself; need to fix that.  Anyway I pottered around (even set the dining room table for Christmas already!) and did everything but my computer and cookbook work and when it got too dark, I lit candles and read my book by flashlight.  Then I got bored and my eyes tired and put myself to bed at 8 pm.  Needless to say I could not fall asleep for at least an hour and then when I finally fell asleep, an hour later the power was back on and shortly after that Ian arrived back home.