What is in a Cookbook Cover and a BIG Thank You!

"Imagine ... the house is finally quiet, and you are sitting with a nice cup of coffee (or pot of tea) in your favorite armchair, with this book. Did you notice there's a place reserved for you at the HEAD of the table? You are the 12th person present, and around the table with you are 11 others: 2 low-carb movers and shakers, 4 medical Dr's and 5 leading low-carb recipe creators, all innovators, pioneers. So reach for one of Carolyn's biscotti, or Maria's cinnamon buns, a slice of Jennifer's cheesecake, or Kent's strawberry cake, or if you have not yet had time to have breakfast (so busy taking care of others)Please take one of Lisa's tasty sandwiches ... and enjoy it  with your coffee! Then open the book and "open the conversation" ... you are "Among Friends". Around  you is assembled the "Dream team", and we are visiting with you right in your own home! We are there, with you, to help you finally get a handle on many of the health and diet issues that constitute a very real modern plague, one just as deadly as any historical plagues ... and sitting around you are "detectives" that know what the causes are, what needs to be done, and a gold-medal team of coaches to help you "triumph" along with them, in the daily struggle with weight and health, for you and your family.

UPDATE: As of this morning (coffee-time) the 1st Printing scheduled for November-11, is 75% pre-Sold! So if you would like a copy of this book delivered around Thanksgiving, there are still some available. We are negotiating a 2nd. Print-run for late Nov so that we will be able to deliver this book to anyone who wants it before Christmas.So it's best to order ASAP at: http://amongfriends.us/order.php

I just want say a BIG thank you to everyone who supported this team of authors (and my youngest son, the new publisher-to-be learning the ropes from my DH) in helping with recipes that are in this book, as well as those purchasing our cookbook, Low-Carbing Among Friends.  You and we are all "among Friends", since we all have similar issues and challenges. None of my previous cookbooks invoked this kind of excitement in me, and that  "Splendid-Low-Carbing" series has been tremendously successful too.  This is just such a unique and fun way of producing a value-added cookbook.  What is one author compared to 5 talented authors all in one cookbook? Not to mention the invaluable input from Jimmy Moore, Dana Carpender, Dr. Parker, Dr. Su, Dr. Briffa (UK) and the famous Swedish Dr. Eenfeldt!  Plans and production are already underway on Volume-2 and 3 ... so next year we have something even more spectacular for our low-carbing friends!  Stay tuned for more news on that later.

About my older cookbooks - there are 5 low-carb cookbooks. There is a button on my blog (RHS) for Amazon ordering. There are a limited number left (we will never reprint them, so I've stashed away a pristine set for myself), so if you still want to have that collection in your cookbook library, don't delay in getting your own set or to give as gifts for your friends and loved ones at Christmas.  You can use my latest Splendid Gluten-Free Bake Mix in most of the recipes calling for a bake mix if you are gluten-free.  The instructions on this site under that recipe, Splendid Gluten-Free Bake Mix, explain that scenario.

Our Publisher (I happen to be his Gal, so I have the "inside scoop on a lot of things planned) wrote the above blurb about the significance of the cover, and I agree the cover speaks volumes - or volume one, in this case, but 2 more hot on its heels!) (smile).  Lisa Marshall's (one of the 5 cookbook authors and owner of 24/7 Low-Carb Diner) son, Pearson, who is a senior studying Graphic Design at John Brown University, kindly helped our son create a really lovely cover title - much better than the first attempt.