Go to Dr. Eenfeld's Blog and Listen to This! Why People Become Obese.

Dr. Eenfeldt interviews Prof. Robert Lustig. According to Dr. Eenfeldt who has been attending the Obesity Conference in America, Prof. Lustig understands perfectly why people get fat more than anyone practically.  It's a HUGE eyeopener as to why we are seeing people getting bigger and bigger.  It's not actually their fault when things go awry - something goes horribly wrong in the body and really it's very sad and it's time that doctors wake up as to the reason and give people the help that they need to regain their health and normal body weight.  It's very cruel to simply blame the person and then put them on a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet and when that fails, again blame the person.  Sorry, but that is cruel and unusual punishment in my opinion.

1 in 10 adults in the world is obese.   But to me something even more unfair than this is little children that become obese.  It is tragic - children or adults that have this burden to bear but....there is a solution!  I just wish more people knew about it.  See my next sentence...

It was interesting that one of the easiest antidotes besides drugs is a very low-carb diet - i.e. one that does an end run on insulin, the fat storing hormone.