Low-Carbing Among Friends needs another little "friend" in the kitchen

UPDATE:  I am happy to say that now both coil bound and perfect bound cookbooks are available in both volume 1 and 2.  Click HERE to purchase.  Thanks! :)

This cookbook holder (made out of perspex or acrylic) is wonderful for all my perfect bound cookbooks. I find it to be perfectly stable on my countertop. The reason I like it is that I'm a bit of a messy cook sometimes and this keeps my books clean from splatters and messy fingers even with all the busyness around me. I tend to use too many pots, pans, bowls, knives, spatulas and you name it. Haha. Just me doing the dishes too - and no dishwasher!

My cookbook holder is a little worse for wear as I brought it all the way from Canada in the container which went by ship. I would like a new one but this one still does the job even although there is a serious crack in the base of it. They are a one-time investment usually and cost about $9 on the internet. I use it for practically all my cookbooks - even some of the spiral bound ones in order to keep them clean. As an aside: I've used my older low-carb cookbooks so much that they simply fall open on the spot I desire - and stay open! I don't bother with the holder when I'm referring to them at my desk.  Instead I will use a pretty paper weight.

I hope this idea helps some people as it has helped me.