Egg, Ham and Cheese Muffin (Egg McMuffin) - Gluten-Free


Similar to an Egg McMuffin® This makes for a substantial and very tasty breakfast! It will be hours and hours before hunger strikes again.  These English muffins are actually bigger than the original English muffin and they make a super substitute without all the refined carbs.

English Muffin, page___
2 tsp butter (10 mL)
1 slice of cheese, OR
  2 tbsp shredded Cheddar cheese (30 mL)
1 poached egg
1 slice of Canadian ham

Prepare English Muffin, page___ as directed.  Toast halves well (put the toaster on as far as it will go or see what I like to do these days in the Helpful Hints below) and butter.  Place slice of cheese on one half and top with poached egg and Canadian ham.  Top with remaining half. 

Helpful Hints:  I sometimes like to add a little mayonnaise as well.  Another way, that I prefer these days is to toast the muffin halves in a nonstick pan with some bacon, now that's tasty!

Yield:  1 serving
1 English Muffin
487.3 calories
29.2 g protein
37.1 g fat
7.1 g carbs

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