Final Day Once In A Leap Year Cookbook Giveaway!!

FINAL DAY TO ENTER THE ONCE IN A LEAP YEAR Low-CARB cookbook GIVE-AWAY !!! 6 Best-selling Low-Carb cookbooks are UP FOR GRABS, even "Low-Carbing among Friends!" ... which is one of 4 GREAT prizes! The 3 Questions to answer: (1) The post in THIS blog with the MOST "LIKES" from 25 NOV till 14 FEB and (2) Jennifer's nickname (easy to see by visiting her BLOG) and (3) The post with the most comments on Kelly's BLOG. There now ... that's simple, it's as easy as "1,2,3"! See Kelly's BLOG for more hints and how to (email) send in your entry ASAP! (Hint: Look carefully at this picture, in it you'll find 2 of the 3 answers!) You enter by sending KELLY a email with 3 answers {HINTS: 1: Sharks, 2: "Jungle ___" and 3: 1 more (see Happy Texans blog in the post BELOW for that one/hint/clues) and for Kelly's EMAIL} Details at: [ Inside info: 2 out of 3's close enough, kind of like most of us when we get within 5lbs from "PERFECT weight" ]   Hint for Q1: Look at my banner-image of my BLOG (Above)  Q2: Look at our WALL PHOTOS (of our FB page) and find the cartoon of 2 sharks ... then click on it. SEE: