A Once in a Leap Year Giveaway of My COOKBOOKS!! Come see!

Visit Kelly's Happy Texans Blog to read all about it!  Kelly is quite the inspiration.  She works hard at losing weight but eats so well doing it and she blogs all about it. I have to admire her.  She also likes to run marathons. Phew! Often she makes things out of Low-Carbing Among Friends and photographs it as well.  Kelly's blog is popular as many people can relate to her, plus she has an engaging writing style and a blog peppered with tons and tons of wonderful photos.  Kelly is bright, beautiful, funny, honest, sweet and such a wonderful asset to us all in the low-carb community.  THANK you, Kelly!

You can win some free cookbooks from my old series of Splendid Low-Carb Cookbooks. :)  In addition, you can win the new cookbook:  Low-Carbing Among Friends.  Here are the rules - actually not that tough to understand.  Read through it a couple of times.

1. LIKE Low Carbing Among Friends Facebook page (if you've already "liked" it that's great!) and tell me which post BEFORE February 15th had the most LIKES. Not comments but LIKES.

(This FB page was only recently started and thus only goes back as far as NOVEMBER 25th, 2011)

 "HINT" - Look at the PHOTOS, using NEXT (Right arrow) to scroll, whilst looking for "LIKES" on the RHS of each photo (not all photos have LIKES, but most do)

2. Go to Jennifer Eloff's "splendid" blog and tell me what hernickname is.

3. From the Happy Texans blog (you're there right now) tell me what post from January had the most comments. Just the title is fine.

That's it! Three things to do for one of FOUR available prizes.