Reader Appreciation Month GIVEAWAY

Carolyn Ketchum, one of the authors of Low-Carbing Among Friends is hosting a Reader Appreciation Month GIVEAWAY on her blog, All Day I Dream About Food. 

Carolyn says:

"So today marks the penultimate day of March, and the last of my Reader Appreciation Giveaways.  My congratulations to all the winners thus far, I hope you are enjoying your low carb prizes.  This final giveaway is a prize pack I am putting together for one lucky winner, a little "Low Carb" care package, if you will.   

I asked special permission of our publisher to give away a copy of the book, because I very much wanted it to be a part of my month-long birthday/blogiversary/reader appreciation celebrations.  It is a project I poured my heart into for the majority of 2011, as did my co-authors.  It is a collection of over 300 low carb, gluten free recipes from very talented people and I consider myself honoured to be among them.  So I felt it deserved a very special place in my giveaways and the final one seemed like the best way to highlight it.  Consider this the crown jewel in my collection of giveaways!

I will send this awesome Low Carb Prize Pack anywhere in the continental United States and Canada.  Yes, I decided to include my homeland in this, even though the shipping will cost me a fortune!  Because I know I have lots of readers in Canada, and I want them to benefit from these tasty treats too.  Love y'all!"