Further Proof that Intermittent Fasting is HEALTHY and helps one LOSE WEIGHT!

I can take excerpts from this but I don't really want to do too much of that as it is a short article and well worth the read.

"A new study, conducted on mice, hints at an unexpected contributor to the nation’s epidemic of obesity _ and, if later human studies bear it out, a possible way to have our cake and eat it too, with less risk of weight gain and the diseases that come with it.
Just eat your cake _ or better yet, an apple _ earlier. Then wait 16 hours, until breakfast the next morning, to eat again."

Go read the article here.

I have written about Intermittent Fasting/Feeding many times before because I have seen it work for me, but especially for my husband, who sticks to the regimen with ease.  He looks and feels great these days, what with IFing, low-carbing and gluten-free eating!  It basically frees one from having to count carbs or calories or anything, but IFing done in conjunction with a gluten-free and low-carb diet is much more effective as cravings and hunger are held at bay.  If one simply has to have something during the fasting window - then a cup of decaf tea or coffee with heavy cream might still those hunger pangs and if that's not enough, sometimes I "cheat" with a teaspoon of peanut butter and that really does the trick!   However, if one can go without it's obviously more effective and gives the metabolism a full break from its work.  Ian goes without except for coffee (maybe 2 cups in the morning), a drop of evaporated milk and a packet of Splenda.